tisdag 28 april 2009

EU och Telekom

Jag fick ett svar från en (1) av alla de europaparlamentariker jag mailat. John Purvis.

Han försöker vifta bort mina farhågor. Här är ett citat: "These quality obligations would ensure that operators are not able to degrade, throttle and block applications, content or services in ways which are anticompetitive."

Jag skickade ett svar.

Hello again.

I failed to purvey the extent of my reservations in the last mail.

What do you mean with anticompetitive? It's a qeustion that deserves a
reply. Will Wikipedia be deemed uncompetitive, after all it is a free
encyclopedia. Hard to compete with that. Will www.jamendo.com be deemed
anticompetitive? Free music, all legal, put up by artists that just want
exposure. Will Open office be deemed anticompetitive? It's a free office
suite comparable with Microsoft office. What about Linux Ubuntu? What
about my own handbook project, How to use the Internet as a democratic
tool. All available on the net and free for reading. Will that be deemed

Will all Open source software be deemed anticompetitive? Will Creative
commons be deemed anticompetitive? Will do it yourself websites be
deemed anticompetitive?

Thank you.

/David Jansson

David J skrev:
> Thank you for your reply.
> I must admit I don't feel at all reassured. The strength of the net is
> it's freedom. It's what has allowed the deepening of the democratic
> process. To put it bluntly, I don't want to see any content
> subscriptions from any Internet Service Provider. Content subscription
> is handled through the individual sites. I am very concerned with what
> will happen with open and free services, such as wordpress or blogger.
> Will I be forced to pay a fee to access Open source material? Will I
> need to subscribe to an art package to access Deviant Art, where I have
> a gallery myself?
> But the biggest issue is the possbility to hamper the way people can
> express themselves and reach out on the net these days. How can you
> asure me that blogging services with blogs that write political
> discontent suddenly won't be subject to high fees?
> Being unfettered by economic interests is the beauty and the power of
> the Internet. It's making our representative democracy more close to
> democracy in the real sense of the word. Please do not take that away
> from us. It would be a crime to take that away from us.
> /David Jansson

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